For all the industry's value and opportunity, almost every aspect of the video business is under attack or in a state of flux. Earlier this year, the REDEF team created a deck designed to help leaders chart a path forward. We're excited to share it with you today.

Following our February trilogy on the future of the video business, the REDEF team began work on a presentation that would distill our many REDEF Originals into a focused, but comprehensive treatise on the years to come. We then spent much of the Spring and early Summer touring (and iterating upon) this deck at various exec off-sites and private events. Now, with Q4 upon us, I wanted to share our work more widely.

As always, we don’t promise to be right about everything — but at minimum, we hope to stimulate conversation and debate. That, after all, is what REDEF is about. – Jason


Download PDF.

Jason Hirschhorn is the founder & CEO of REDEF. He can be found @jasonhirschhornMatthew Ball leads Originals at REDEF and can be reached at and @ballmatthewTal Shachar is a Manager of Business Development at Otter Media and can be found @tweettal or All views are their own.