The Gap Band is one of the greats. And one of my favorites.
The Gap Band is one of the greats. And one of my favorites.
The Gap Band, Facebook's Story Problem, Russia's Most Wanted Man, Elon Musk, Origin of Money, Sex Robots, Little Women...
Jason Hirschhorn, curator August 14, 2018
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You cannot win in the future from inside the old enterprise, revolution is key, a blank slate is key.
Bob Lefsetz, "Soft Knowledge"
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Hello from the 40,000 ft in the air! One of the things I like about the internet is having virtually all the content that's ever been created available within a few clicks. It blurs and redefines the lines of what's new and what's old. What? Yes. Because on the internet, something old is new to someone. I love going back in time. Movies. Television. And especially, music. It energizes. It moves you. It makes you move and dance. It makes you feel. It is divine. As legendary music producer JIMMY JAM said to me at the POLLSTAR conference this year: “I always think of music as a divine art. If I asked you 10 years ago what you were doing, you might not have an answer. But if I played a song, it would unlock every memory. If that’s not divine, what is? It is healing beyond anything else. It transcends barriers beyond religion, class and color.” Music is a time machine. So, I stepped back into the past to feel some grooves in the present. Case in point, THE GAP BAND. One of my favorites. R&B and FUNK personified. The WILSON BROTHERS: CHARLIE, RONNIE, and ROBERT. Been listening to them non-stop lately. One of the tightest bands ever. One of the greatest lead singers ever. They were funky. And thick. And dirty. Guitar, synthesizer, drums, and horns. Hooks for days. And some of the greatest dance songs ever. You hear them on the radio. At the block party. At the Bar Mitzvah. At the wedding. They’ve been sampled. They’ve been covered. They’ve been honored. Let’s look at a bit of the songbook. Hits like “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”, “Burn Rubber on Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me),” “Early In The Morning,” “Party Train,” “Outstanding,” and so many more. "Ooh Wee," CHARLE WILSON is one of the greatest singers and frontmen in music history. As recognizable a voice as STING or ARETHA or MICHAEL JACKSON or anyone. In 2013, BET held a tribute for him that included the likes of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SNOOP DOGG, PHARRELL WILLIAMS and others. It “blew my mind, baby!” And it blew the minds of music's finest in the audience. Just watch their reactions. Add “Uncle Charlie” to the people I would die to meet. These guys are epic. I love them. Have a listen because if you don't know, now you know. Everything old is new to someone on the internets… So what hotel does ELON MUSK stay in when in SAUDI ARABIA? I hear the RITZ CARLTON is sold out... DONALD TRUMP and MARK BURNETT. A race to see who is more full of s***. Forget CHRIST, money is the religion. I'd be shocked if there were not tapes. I'd be more shocked that they aren't ashes in a burn bag... Happy Birthday to GEOFFREY SANDS, SANDY ASHENDORF, MICHAEL MCCARTNEY ASHLEY STETTS, CHRISTOPHER GOODMAN, ELIZABETH HARRISON, JIM BUCKMASTER, MATT CIBELLI, and MAHESH ANGADI.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

August 14, 2018