rant n' rave

One of the things that enabled disruption in the media biz is the classic licensor strategy of extracting every dollar. Even though the record labels had equity stakes in multiple streaming services, they burdened them with immense minimum guarantees that prevented real marketing efforts and drove big losses. HULU should be the best OTT service in the world, but its owners didn’t want to give anything up. The capital big media gave the company was almost entirely spent buying their own content. You can’t maximize traditional licensing revenues and also create enterprise value. In TV, we see none of the major networks willing to cannibalize a cent. TIME WARNER CABLE customers can’t watch any DISNEY or TURNER channels on TV EVERYWHERE. Why? Because TWC isn’t paying more for them. Who loses? Everyone! APPLE, NETFLIX, GOOGLE, AMAZON. They all believe in building for the long-term, prioritizing experience and value over short-term value maximization. We explore these notions in our REDEF ORIGINALS: By Obsessing Over The Present, Big Media Has Forgotten Its Past And Endangered Its Future... Big Media's 'Death Star' Strategy... Letting it Go: The End of Windowing (and What Comes Next)... Tech has been operating largely without too much government regulation interference, particularly in the UNITED STATES. Tech’s quasi-monopolies have been the first in history to get to scale not by increasing friction and pain for consumers but by reducing it. A huge positive. However, at some point, does innovation likely get throttled if being so large means that "being good enough" is an insurmountable advantage?... Celebrating friends doing well: LYNN HARRIS and MATTI LESHEM on 6 steps to deliver the perfect summer sleeper... Equestrian stuntwoman and VERVE CEO NADA STIRRATT on brands, high-quality location data, and local tech... Happy Birthday to DANNY RIMER, CHARLES HIRSCHHORN, JOE FERNANDEZ, WARREN LIEBERFARB and CHLOE SLADDEN.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator