rant n' rave

Yep, I'm even publishing today. I like to browse. Enjoy my curiosity... Not much ranting. In a lot of post surgery pain. Let the curation do the talking with a few tidbits... Happy BLACK FRIDAY! Remember, it's not about needing. It's about having. Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy... Truly thankful to those who showed up... Where I talk about how and what we do at REDEF... If then. What if. Else if... As subtle as throwing a TV out of a 20 story window... If you think about autonomous cars not as cars but as computers that travel then not such a big leap for APPLE to build a car... Happy Diabetes... I think this is the perfect sneaker for ART BASEL MIAMI... PETER QUINN ain't nuthin' to f*** wit... There will be movies and buying stuff... Happy Birthday to COLTRANE CURTIS.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator