rant n' rave

REDEF makes interest remixes for curious minds because it's not enough to be smart, you have to be curious... BLAKE KRIKORIAN was the most curious person I've ever known. Period. The Dude Abides... There are few concepts more fundamental to the video media business than that of content "windowing" – yet even this strategy is crumbling under the pressures of digital distribution. How will rights owners maximize the value of their content in the post-window era? The answer depends on how badly you want it. Our new MediaREDEF Original - Letting it Go: The End of Windowing (and What Comes Next)... My bro JASON KRIKORIAN reminded me of this wonderful LOUIE clip: Misery is wasted on the miserable... Who makes your playlists? A consideration of the differences in algorithm- and human-based music recommendations in our MusicREDEF SET: Future of Music Curation... Kids should never have to start school until after LABOR DAY. I think that's in the constitution, no?... It just gets worse and worse, when does he stop?... Congrats to DANIEL and SOFIA EK on their wedding. Wishing them much happiness and health... Happy Birthday to SHERYL SANDBERG, DOUG WURTZ and RACHEL WOLKOWITZ.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator