rant n' rave

The beautiful and insanely talented ADELE plays the game well. What game? A streaming single can still sell albums. Yep. It's retro-progressive in a world where platforms can be like arms dealers that often treat artists like warring nations. They win, no matter who loses. Not sure if it's a repeatable trend yet or reflective of her fan demos but it worked for her. Mind on her money. Her responsibility is to herself... Spent some time over at ELLATION with JESSE JACOBS and TOM PICKETT discussing CRUNCHY ROLL. Their audience watches 1.5 Billion minutes of anime per month. 700k paying and 20mm registered. 75% of audience is under the age of 35. Median age is 18. Subscribers in 160 countries. More fascinating info here... If I was eight feet tall I'd play basketball and SUMNER REDSTONE will sign my contract. "Something is rotten in the state of" BEVERLY HILLS... Common sense and care, the rare stones of humans... If I ever had a shootout on a snowy mountaintop like in INCEPTION (and 11.5 was available) I would wear NIKE AIR MAX GOADOME BOOT... At this grinding rate I will have no more molars to speak of. #startups... Happy Thanksgiving (or Skypesgiving) to you and your loved ones. Holidays are harder now that my mother is gone but glad she didn't have to see me go through bypass surgery. It would have devastated her... Happy Birthday to JEREMY WESTIN and NOAH SHORE.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator