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Jason Hirschhorn, curator October 15, 2018
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All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
Winston Churchill
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TAYLOR SWIFT wasn't the first, and she won't be the last. Should musicians shut up and sing? Or should politicians and commentators shut up and let musicians have their say? MusicREDEF's MATTY KARAS chimes in on "The Politics of Pop: When Musicians Speak Up." Read up. My take? Speak your mind. Ask questions. Tell the truth. KANYE WEST doesn't really ask questions. He doesn't really know the truth. And yet, I don't know that he knows it. Anyone watching the fiasco of his life can tell the man is sick. I'm no doctor, but it sure looks like bipolar disorder. It's not funny. And it's not entertainment. To me, he's clearly off his medication. Those around him seem to be ok with it. Maybe he doesn't like to take them when he's creating or recording? Can those medications dull the senses? Make you foggy? Yes. I've known many that have taken meds for bipolar issues. And they can. But no one's getting off those drugs on their own. And self-medicating never succeeded and in some cases, tragically didn't. Kanye has been a hero of mine. Name the artists that get better, angrier, and take more creative risks as they get richer and more famous. Not many. He was one. But my sideline quarterbacking says that when his mother passed away, this started to spiral. I know what that can be like. My mother was such a part of my life. A moral and ethical force. I recalled how important that relationship was when watching an exchange in last season's BILLIONS. AXE’S MOM: "I maybe shouldn’t have let you talk that way as a kid." AXE: "I’d still have done it." AXE’s MOM: "Sure. But you’d also have a little voice in the back of your head telling you not to. Do you have that voice? At all?" Who in Kanye's life is that voice? He so needs one right now. To help him with his head so that his heart can shine through again. But, Ye also cannot stand to NOT be the center of attention. You may think he would put himself next to anyone in the spotlight regardless of how terrible that human is. I'm not one of them. He' sick. I cannot reconcile the fact that the artist who wrote "The system broken, the school is closed, the prison's open" stands in solidarity with a man who has no empathy, is wildly insecure, and just may ruin the earth because he's a moron. So, Ye is on his lap. Placating. Fawning. Aggrandizing. Now he thinks this is just another award show to hijack or single to guest on. And yet, Ye has no idea what he's talking about. He was truly one of my musical and culture heroes. Now? An uninformed, gullible, ego-maniac? Maybe, but he's still sick. I can stomach the last part, but not what he now pontificates on. He doesn't understand history. Or how he's being used. He may, one day, when he's well, claim this was performance art, but it isn't. It is so to the letter textbook bipolar. And with it he may poison the minds of the young ones who worship him. He may destroy his career. How the hell does ADIDAS stay in this for the long haul? $$$$? I can separate the artist from the art. I just liked it when he was one cohesive positive package. We put too much on our heroes. They are human. And I truly think it's an illness. We pray for him. But it's still a damn shame... Speaking of heroes, I saw the new pic FIRST MAN. The story of NEIL ARMSTRONG and his long journey to the moon. It is worth seeing, but I didn't love it. That said, what it does do is unique for a HOLLYWOOD biopic. As BUZZFEED's ALISON WILLMORE writes, "First Man doesn’t romanticize Neil Armstrong or NASA’s hard-won moon landing. Instead, it tries to show great achievements without needing to deify those responsible for them." She's right, and maybe the reason I didn't love it was because it didn't deify it and that's what I'm used to and that's why I think it's worth seeing... Direct-to-consumer SVOD is a tough business. And DISNEY is certainly late to the game (and with its hands tied). But the company is going to thrive. And while some of the reasons are well known, most remain overlooked or misunderstood. So here are "Eight Reasons to be Bullish on Disney's OTT Service"... Monster trashes Metropolis! Nine panels per page! Pop-up comic book! New BATMAN! How some of your favorite comics got made, as told by the writers (!), artists (!!), and publishers (!!!) who made them. REDEF MediaSET: "'We Can Be Heroes': Comic Book Oral Histories"... Wow, NETFLIX knows me very, very well. Not just my tastes... Guy unloads on GOOGLE+... Wow, the music biz is a new and exciting place. #liveinnovation... Happy Birthday to DAVID LOKSHIN, JOE EARLEY, and GIGI STONE WOODS. Belated to JONATHAN SCHULHOF, SERENA ALTSCHUL, DAVE MORIN, JONATHAN SEGAL, KURT RAO, STEVE GILLMOR, and BRAD KLAPPER.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

October 15, 2018