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Jason Hirschhorn, curator June 22, 2018
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To disagree silently is disloyal.
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Noticed news that DISNEY is halting new STAR WARS spinoffs due to the disappointing box office for SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Disappointing at $200 million domestically, as costs are massive. Was it harmed by the incredible success of the similarly targeted movies that preceded it? This is consistent with the fact that anticipation, tracking, and estimates plummeted at release. I am a lifelong fan. I went to an early screening and was grinning ear to ear when I left. Ran into uber-fan KEVIN SMITH (looking happy and healthy after a heart scare) on the way out. He was grinning as well. It was the closest in spirit to the originals films. It was fun, it had swag. The acting was great, which is not always a given. Was it a little long on the folklore being answered, yeah. But still a fun film. By far, for my money, the best of the last 4. I think it was something else. The marketplace is overloaded. Disney's films have become so successful they're now the company's greatest competition. But GEORGE LUCAS and STAN LEE know the answer: building your own universe. Ever go to STARWARS.COM? George was a samurai in creating bibles for his universe. Every detail so rich. It's the universe, baby. MATT BALL and I discussed this and he writes about it in his REDEF ORIGINAL: "Disney, Economic Gravity and Vibranium Physics." Sometimes it's easy to forget that the greatest asset was George Lucas, still is... And while we're gushing over media, my friend REED HASTINGS runs a small outfit called NETFLIX. He sat down for a great talk at TED2018. Programming, management, algorithms and more. I met Reed at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL (no surprise, he really, really loves movies) 12 years ago when I was President of SLINGBOX. Amazing to watch his journey and success. Netflix is a positive part of my life. That's pretty great... We also take a look at NETFLIX MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Part 1 discusses how Netflix spends a lot more than you probably think. And the why and how is critical to understanding its future, competitive positioning and internal conviction. Part 2 delves into how Netflix's product expertise is at the heart of everything it does, including why and how it makes its original content. This culture is easily overlooked, but doing so can be fatal. Netflix is as much a tech and product company as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE or AMAZON... Let it be known that my dear friend and lawyer MIKE EISNER went to the re-opening of MADEO without me. There will be blood... I've known UBER CEO DARA KHOSROWSHAHI for over a decade. I'm proud that he takes stances... Happy Birthday to ROB WIESENTHAL, ERIC GATOFF, FLORIS BAUER, JUSTIN SHAFFER, and STEPHANIE HUGHES.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

June 22, 2018