Corporations Eating Colleges, Robocall King, YouTube CEO, Twitter Needs to Change, Best Music Doc, Russia's Gas Web...
Jason Hirschhorn, curator April 18, 2019
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Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.
Paulo Coelho
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MELLODY HOBSON (President, ARIEL INVESTMENTS) and I discuss the influences and mentors over her career; the role of a board member in good times and in crisis; addressing diversity in businesses, community, and content; and the future of media. She is beyond impressive. Watch me get schooled and learn right there on the stage... They say a meal can feed the body, but a story will nourish the soul. And for every meal, from STEVEN SODERBERGH's beloved corned beef and cabbage at MUSSO & FRANK to the strange cheesesteak that presidential candidate JOHN KERRY ordered in--gasp--PHILADELPHIA, you better believe there's a story. We take a look in "Second Course: More Restaurant Oral Histories"... He was a rapper, businessman, hustler, tech incubator, philanthropist and a few other hyphens. And maybe above all, he was a lifelong resident of South LA, and he committed his life to lifting his community up. "NIPSEY HUSSLE Left Hip-Hop, and Los Angeles, Better Than He Found Them." A life that was cut way too short... Can you be super talented, hard-working, decent, curious, and successful? It's a tall order. But filmmaker RON HOWARD is. I sat down with my friend to discuss the changing media landscape (and what hasn't changed), the evolution of IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT from a two-man production team to a venture-backed business, and the kinds of stories that drive Ron as a filmmaker. He's been in the business for 60 years. His IMDB page is insane. Credits? I'll give you credits: 88 as an actor. 94 as a producer. 45 as a director. 5 as a writer. Watch now... Happy Birthday to MEGAN QUINN, PAUL BEDDOE-STEPHENS, DAMON REIN, and BRIDGET BAKER.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

April 18, 2019