Gene Wilder in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."
(Paramount Pictures)
Gene Wilder in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."
(Paramount Pictures)
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Jason Hirschhorn, curator September 21, 2018
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Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.
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A few of our new REDEF HOT TAKES on media from MATT BALL: CBS. VIACOM. SONY. AMC. LIONSGATE. MGM. DISCOVERY. Depending on the day, FACEBOOK / AMAZON / APPLE / NETFLIX / GOOGLE are rumored to be buying one of these media companies. Here's a take on why these rumors might never come to fruition. Why FAANG is unlikely to buy a legacy media company... By focusing on the past, the DoJ seems focused on preventing AT&T from doing the very things it needs to do to protect consumers -- fight hard, deep and long for the OTT future of video. The DOJ has missed the point of AT&T-TIME WARNER... To save award shows, we don’t need new categories or shorter runtimes. We need new experiences. If the shows are about the nominees, ratings shouldn’t matter. But if they do, then the show needs to care about and involve the audience. Award Show Ratings Keep Falling, and the Shows Don’t do Anything to Stop it... They had four guitarists, a s***ty name and they wanted you to fall in love with IRON MAIDEN, BLINK-182, and SUGAR RAY all over again. Somehow, it worked. A fond farewell to unlikely punk-pop legends who finally, um, stopped pooping in 2018. MusicREDEF's MATTY KARAS takes a look in "Once There Was a Band Called Diarrhea Planet"... One of my favorite people on this planet is my friend CASEY WASSERMAN. The kind of guy that sticks with you when you're hot and when you're cold. We live down the block from one another but I don't see him as much as I'd like because, well, I'm a flake sometimes. But we caught up last night for dinner. His son EMMET joined us. Do you want to feel old? Hang out with EMMET. His computer set-up makes WAR GAMES' DAVID LIGHTMAN look like a rank amateur. I collect sneakers. So does he. But I have AIR FORCE 1's and ADIDAS ORIGINALS. And he has pairs that look like NASA designed them. And then he got to talking about video games and e-sports. Didn't understand a word he was saying. Now I know how my father felt when I would roll my eyes at him when he would say, "punch it into the Google." The world doesn't stop. I love the kid, but when you do cool finding for a living and you sit with a teenager and it's like you're in a quantum physics class after you finished remedial math, it's time for some tutoring... I don’t want hype men at legitimate news organizations. In print. On air. Online. Or on TWITTER. Looks suspect. Cheapens the truth... Let's face it. It's also "ALEXA and chill" now too. She's in the bedroom... I f***ing knew it. It's not just that the octopus liked ME... Help me. Been looking for AIR ROYAL MID PATENT LEATHER 2010 for 9 years... Happy Birthday to the great JANE ROSENTHAL (Executive producer of the new doc, QUINCY on NETFLIX), STEVE STANFORD, RICHARD GLOSSER, and DAN BURRELL. Belated to LORIEN GABEL, GIDEON GREENBERG, MARC SHEDROFF, DAVID PORTNY, CAROLINE BERTHET, BRUCE GERSH, and HEATHER MOOSNICK.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

September 21, 2018