The Alps. Switzerland, Mademoiselle 1963.
(George Barkentin/Getty Images)
The Alps. Switzerland, Mademoiselle 1963.
(George Barkentin/Getty Images)
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HK Mindy Meissen, curator December 7, 2017
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Even though most brands now have a presence in most major countries, the way [fashion leaders] in the West approach the rest of the world needs to change. Apart from China, I don't think they give most other emerging markets enough attention or acknowledge their contributions or needs or even their market value.
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A mood for anti-fashion has been growing over the past few years, and brands like PATAGONIA have been there to supply the perfect wardrobe for the stylish, the socially conscious, and the style unconscious (willful, that is). It's the style of non-style, or the style of "please let there be less dubious origin attributable to this garment." Fashion's sustainability efforts have gained steady momentum in 2017, and they've made a marked turn toward technology and innovation. In times of tense political tenor, it's no wonder people flock to companies like Patagonia, ones that offer a sense of conviction and solidarity. The company has achieved mythic success by making a social mission intrinsic to its profitability. Tell people not to buy this jacket? They’ll spend in record numbers. Sue the US government over public lands? People will crash the website to learn more. It’s been a long road for the company, and its relationship to growth hasn't been an entirely smooth one. That makes the story all the more intriguing. Founder YVON CHOUINARD has been obstinate in keeping the company's convictions at its core. Now going on 45 years in business, the company is making bold political statements—and it's more fashionable than ever. This was once to the chagrin of its founder, who said in 1992, "We outgrew our loyal customer base and increasingly were selling to yuppies, posers, and wannabes. These people don't need this s*** to get in their Jeep Cherokees and drive to Connecticut for the weekend." 25 years later and the company seems to have embraced (or at least accepted) its fashionable stature. I'm not wearing the brand 24/7, but I'm a fan. Its WORN WEAR program is a savvy move given people's interest in secondhand goods. Is Patagonia the prime model for a 21st century company, that is, one that's privately held and a certified B-corp? From anti-growth strategies to political confrontations, the company doesn't seem to be slowing down. FashionSET: When Purpose Drives Profits: Patagonia’s Ascent... CHANEL's pre-fall 2018 show took place at the ELBPHILHARMONIE in HAMBURG, and it looked as stunning as ever... Briefs: MODA OPERANDI raises $165 million in a round led by ADRIAN CHENG and APAX DIGITAL... DELPOZO will show in LONDON... LOUIS VUITTON's chatbot... MUGLER's new creative director.

HK Mindy Meissen, curator

December 7, 2017