Playlister in chief.
Playlister in chief.
Obama's Playlist, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Vinyl Collectors, David Lynch...
Jen Guyre, guest curator August 12, 2016
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In some ways, being unabashedly yourself is a political statement.
Dev Hynes, Blood Orange
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There’s an art to playlisting. Any curator will tell you that, but even if you weren't born in the era of making mixtapes (you know, taping songs off the radio or off another tape or CD) it's serious business in the streaming-music age. And for PRESIDENT OBAMA to drop his final two (let alone any) well-thought-out playlists and share some legit knowledge of past and present music is pretty cool. Being “with it” in a technology age and moving with the times from a position of power at the top of a hierarchical structure is probably the least we should expect from a leader in 2016, but with his tenure, this playlist-sharing was a first, and with music always having a tie-in with politics anyway, it won’t be the last. While MANDY FREEBAIRN offers advice on HILLARY’s music choices, and the LA TIMES outlines the [frustrating] politics of music in campaigns, what everyone's leaning on is how personal preferences in music resonate with all of us and allow us to share our fandom. It’s why we go to shows in groups and want to make playlists for our friends in the first place. And it’s why people want to know what’s in someone else’s rotation. Even if you're a middle-aged vinyl-collecting Brit who doesn’t interact with many other humans or member of the FINAL FIVE. Whatever your music of choice is in the wide sea, read on about CHANCE THE RAPPER, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, STONE'S THROW RECORDS and DISCHORD RECORDS and check out the STRANGER THINGS soundtrack, out today. You know, while waiting for alerts from the FRANK OCEAN album tracking app.

Jen Guyre, guest curator

August 12, 2016