Christine and the Queens' "Chris" is out today on Because Music.
(Jo Hale/Redferns/Getty Images)
Christine and the Queens' "Chris" is out today on Because Music.
(Jo Hale/Redferns/Getty Images)
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Matty Karas, curator September 21, 2018
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I find that jazz, a lot of it—at least a lot of it that gets critical acclaim—is what I like to call gluten-free jazz. You know, the healthy lifestyle has gone a little too far when it comes to the music. I need some Crisco in my jazz, you know? Some fatback.
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So about that still-unfolding TICKETMASTER story. It isn't breaking news that concert ticketing is messed up and that all the major players, from promoters to venues to ticketing agencies, share at least some blame for the mess. Withholding tickets? Manipulating prices? Profiting from secondary sales? You knew, or at least, suspected all that, even if you've never been sure who to point your fingers at. But there are two crucial new twists in the investigative series being rolled out jointly by the CBC and the TORONTO STAR. One, they're naming some names and detailing some details. Two, they're alleging that Ticketmaster is actively encouraging, recruiting and profiting from mass scalpers in ways that directly contradict the company's public statements and terms of service, through a little-known proprietary platform called TRADEDESK. Undercover reporters taped two TradeDesk employees on hidden cameras—one at a ticketing convention in Las Vegas, one in an online demo—selling a man they believed was a high-volume scalper on the benefits of the platform and saying they saw no problem with scalpers using multiple fake accounts to exceed standard ticket limits. You can watch it all play out here. In its initial response, Ticketmaster said little more than that the secondary ticket market is essential "as long as there is an imbalance between supply and demand in live event tickets," and "we believe it is our job to offer a marketplace that provides a safe and fair place for fans to shop, buy and sell tickets." Two days after the story appeared, the company strengthened its response, saying "we do not condone" what the undercover reporters were told and that an internal review of reselling practices is under way. Ticketmaster also "categorically" denied having "any program in place to enable resellers to acquire large volume of tickets," which, as the CBC noted, was not one of the allegations the reporters made. "This is going to be a public relations nightmare," journalist and radio host ALAN CROSS told the CBC. At the moment, that sounds like an understatement. Sports fans, theater fans and especially music fans have been looking for an identifiable villain in the ticketing business, beyond the nameless and faceless bots that get so much of the attention. Have the CBC and the Star found one?... You can count on one hand the number of SUPER BOWL halftime shows that have lived up to the hype and drama that inevitably accompanies the world's most notorious 12-minute gig. So here's why perhaps you shouldn't care either way that it's going to be MAROON 5 in 2019. And here, on the other hand, is why the entire city of Atlanta, for starters, has an absolute right to care... Last season's halftime performer, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, will get a little more than 12 minutes as part of the high-watt lineup at the IHEART RADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL, which is also bringing CHILDISH GAMBINO, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, SHAWN MENDES, FLEETWOOD MAC and, um, KELLY CLARKSON to Las Vegas this weekend. You can stream it at the CW's website and app, and watch it on TV on the CW two weeks later... The QUINCY JONES doc QUINCY premieres today on NETFLIX... WOLF ALICE wins the MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE... SUGE KNIGHT pleads no contest to voluntary manslaughter and faces 28 years behind bars... ADELE on LAURYN HILL... It's FRIDAY and that means you're listening to PRINCE's PIANO & A MICROPHONE 1983... I have no idea why anyone would care about anything else being released today, which is not meant as a knock on the French pop wonder CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS, not to mention BROCKHAMPTON, METRIC, the late RICHARD SWIFT, MACHINE GUN KELLY, CHRISTIAN SANDS, MAHALIA, THE FIELD, MACY GRAY, LUPE FIASCO, NOAH CYRUS, JOSH GROBAN, FATHER, SUMAC, SLASH WITH MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS, SHA LA DAS, JOYCE MANOR, BILLY GIBBONS, BEAK, MOUNT EERIE, VILLAGERS, VOIVOD, AFRIKAN BOY, RYAN HEMSWORTH, THE LONDON SUEDE, MOUNTAIN MAN, MANDY BARNETT, LIARS, RICHARD REED PARRY, CARL BROEMEL, ST. LUCIA and TEXTONES... You're in our hearts, DICKEY BETTS.

Matty Karas, curator

September 21, 2018