Who'll stop the rain? Fifty years ago this weekend in Bethel, N.Y.
(John Dominis/The LIFE Picture Collection)
Who'll stop the rain? Fifty years ago this weekend in Bethel, N.Y.
(John Dominis/The LIFE Picture Collection)
Woodstock at 50, Sleater-Kinney at 25, Jay-Z & the NFL, Lil Nas X, Latinx Pop...
Matty Karas, curator August 16, 2019
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It was a timely lesson in racial stereotyping. The young wealthy white entrepreneurs made a monumental hash of planning while a black-run public event, running over six Sundays, smoothly came together with no significant trouble, no arrests and no record of public inconvenience.
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WOODSTOCK, the original, the one that doesn't have to be identified with a year or a number after it, the one that's still remembered for more or less the right reasons, turns 50 this weekend. You can celebrate in all sorts of little ways, though not the big way that the original festival's never-say-die promoters were hoping. There will be two concerts at or near the site of the original, neither of which you've heard all that much about, one featuring SANTANA, JOHN FOGERTY and RINGO STARR and the other featuring MELVIN SEALS and PINK TALKING FISH. Philadelphia's WXPN is broadcasting and streaming the audio of the entire 1969 fest in real time. There are records and movies and books, too, if you want to stay indoors with your couch and your air conditioning. There's an amazing festival in Cambridgeshire, England, that has nothing to do with any incarnation of Woodstock except in its countercultural spirit and exploratory aesthetic, and which you can get to from anywhere in New York in less time than it would have taken you to get from anywhere in New York to the town of Bethel in 1969. There's no right or wrong way to mark the occasion, no right or wrong way to respond at all, and no reason why simply dancing to your favorite music of 2019 isn't as valid a way to honor the spirit of 1969 as any other you can think of. That might even be the most appropriate way. MusicSET: "Retracing Woodstock's Three Days of Peace and Mud"... SLEATER-KINNEY is celebrating its mere 25th anniversary with today's release of its surprising ninth album, THE CENTER WON'T HOLD, its first with producer ST. VINCENT and last with drummer JANET WEISS. We look back at where the revolutionary '90s rockers came from, where they might be going, and do they still wanna be your JOEY RAMONE? MusicSET: "There's a (New) Riot Grrrl Goin' On: The Evolution of Sleater-Kinney"... SPOTIFY is raising the price of its family plan in Scandanavia, and BLOOMBERG reports that it's "a test to see whether it can raise prices around the world." Record companies have been interested in higher streaming prices for years, for obvious reasons. But they're not the ones who have to pay. Are consumers interested? Is $9.99/month the be-all and end-all of music pricing, or will music services discover that they, like NETFLIX, have gained some flexibility?... You can favorite it, you can play it on repeat, you can add it to a dozen playlists, but as long as you're doing this in the streaming world, you don't own it, and one day it might disappear just like that... It's FRIDAY and that means there's also new music from YOUNG THUG, KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD, RED HEARSE, CURREN$Y, SNOOP DOGG, the HOLD STEADY, LILLIE MAE, BLANCK MASS, A$AP FERG, HUNTER HAYES, FRANK TURNER, SHURA, RIDE, OSO OSO, RODNEY CROWELL, EILEN JEWELL, MADISON CUNNINGHAM, BOBBY RUSH, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, UNIFORM & THE BODY, SNOH ALLEGRA, the MURDER CAPITAL, TAYLOR MCFERRIN, MARIA USBECK, OH SEES, DREW HOLCOMB & THE NEIGHBORS, P-LO, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, HAMMERFALL, LOSCIL, THIRD WORLD, JASON LYTLE and the QUALITY CONTROL comp CONTROL THE STREETS VOL. 2... RIP RICHARD GILLIS.

Matty Karas, curator

August 16, 2019