Spelled to the nines: Lizzo at the Billboard Music Awards, Los Angeles, October 2020.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Spelled to the nines: Lizzo at the Billboard Music Awards, Los Angeles, October 2020.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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Matty Karas (@troubledoll), curator October 28, 2020
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I really don't like politics and I wish I didn't have to urge people to register and vote. I'd rather just focus on making art. But as artists with a platform, we have a special responsibility to lead by example and do whatever we can to make a difference.
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Have you vote baby voted yet? Are you still planning to? Let the music industry help you... Only 36 percent of eligible voters in the 18–29 demo voted in 2018, so ATLANTIC RECORDS is running a cheeky get-out-the-youth-vote campaign in which artists have edited songs and videos down to 36 percent of the original audio and video content. Such as PORTUGAL. THE MAN's (or, should I say, PTG. T M's) "FEEL IT STILL," presented here as if only 36 percent of the faders on the band's mixing console had showed up. "36%," the campaign's tagline tells us, "isn't enough." Funny because it's true... TYLER, THE CREATOR, age 29, used to be among the wrong 64%. He's voting for the first time this year and, with the caveat that "I know I’m the last person y’all should ever take advice from," he used his social platforms to urge others to do the same—and not just for president. "Y’all want a new DA? Pull up," he tells fans in a Twitter video. "Y’all want all these rights? Then f***in' pull up." Listen to him... Also voting for the first time and letting music fans know: OFFSET and SNOOP DOGG, both of whom, per the Atlantic, "believed their criminal records precluded them from being able to vote." A lot of people are learning a lot about voting in 2020, as one imagines a lot of people do every four years, but this year, it seems, there's a little more to learn and a few more people who want to learn. If you can set that quest to a melody and a beat, that's gotta help, right?... Yes it can help, from Rock the Vote to RAVE THE VOTE to HEADCOUNT, the voter registration organization co-founded by DISCO BISCUITS bassist MARC BROWNSTEIN that grew out of the jam band scene and has exploded all over the rest of the live music and festival scene in recent years. This year it moved, for obvious reasons, into the vibrant virtual live space. "I used to think voting wasn’t for me,” says KEVIN MORBY, who performed at HeadCount's "Vote Ready: A Concert for Voter Registration. "As I’ve gotten older, I see how necessary it is"... And yes it can help LIFT EVERY VOTE, to quote the name and hashtag of this New York-based effort to get "musicians, performers & noise makers" to flood the American zone with live performance videos encouraging voters to dance their way to the polls. The hashtag has been making its way around the jazz community—and various others—leading to encouragements like this from harpist BRANDEE YOUNGER and this from drummer JOHNATHAN BLAKE... On Election Day, the two-year-old organization #IVOTED is virtual-staging what Pollstar calls "the largest single-day digital concert ever," with more than 450 performers including DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, FANTASTIC NEGRITO, JULIEN BAKER and JIM JAMES performing over the course of 14 hours. The price of digital admission to the performances, hosted by the tech startup MANDOLIN, is a selfie proving you've voted—or, for those too young to vote, an explanation of why they're excited about voting one day. "We don’t care who you vote for," says #iVoted co-founder Emily White, a music industry vet who runs the management company COLLECTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. "We just want people thinking about voting"... In answer to the question this rant started with—Have you vote baby voted yet? Are you still planning to?—the only answer we're accepting here is yes. But if you're in the "still planning" category, let me add my voice to the chorus urging you—screaming at you if I must—to do it in person, whether that means masking up and delivering your mail-in ballot by hand or really really masking up and standing in line at a traditional polling station. This new lullaby by Kevin Morby notwithstanding, the US Postal Service hasn't done a great job of convincing anybody it can get a letter from here to there in the six days between now and Election Day. And as for the courts, um—just do it like LADY GAGA, OK? MusicSET: "Pop the Vote 2020"... TIM MCGRAW recently broke into the (amazing, you really should see them someday) display cases at the COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME to take his idol KEITH WHITLEY's C.W. PARSONS acoustic guitar. MIRANDA LAMBERT grabbed one that JOHN PRINE played on records she once found in her father's collection. They and others did it for the museum's Big Night at the Museum fundraiser, which airs on YOUTUBE at 9pm ET tonight... MEGAN THEE STALLION was named Hip-Hop Artist of the Year at the BET HIP-HOP AWARDS... Sprucing up TIPITINA's... RIP BRYAN WAYNE GALENTINE and BRIAN "KENT WON'T STOP" TROTTER.

Matty Karas (@troubledoll), curator

October 28, 2020