It's lonely out there for a goalie.
(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
It's lonely out there for a goalie.
(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Mike Vorkunov, curator December 7, 2017
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People get all over me for saying you have to contemplate every year on if you want to keep going. Plays like this make you really evaluate things. That's why I say it's a smart thing to do. It's a violent game. And this [Bengals] game always seems to be that way. It's crazy, this sport we play.
rant n' rave

The IOC's RUSSIA ban was a referendum on the IOC and Russia athletics. If the IOC didn't ban them then why should we assume it cares at all about regulating doping? Could the IOC have been taken seriously going forward? Would've given incentive for Russia, and other countries, to run national doping programs in the future. Can we trust that 2018 will be clean? This ban won't stop Olympic doping. Nobody believes that. But it was a way to save face. The case was clear-cut. Will Russia go clean? If there was no whistleblower then we'd never know what they were doing. What's the incentive for 2020 and beyond: stop doping, or stop whistleblowers? Watch ICARUS. BRYAN FOGEL's doc explains everything. GRIGORY RODCHENKOV is a captivating main character -- the type of male anti-hero who became a familiar TV character over the last decade -- and a believable witness. (I'm Russian, so I've got an appreciation for irreverent humor and the kind of person who believes that all laws are malleable.) Rodchenkov ran Russia's national doping system and reveals how it worked. It's so devious, so detailed that even the most cynical Olympic critics can't dispute how well Russia had beaten the system. Russia's response to any allegations has been to deny and play the victim against a malicious Western world. There's a good number of people who believe the athletes are doping anyway. Will this tar the 2018 Olympics? Or is there already an expectation that everything's not on the level? Here's a counterfactual: what if everything was out in the open and doping was acknowledged? Would we be less interested? Would everyone focus on the competition instead? If doping is legal, then no one is cheating. There's also a geopolitical crisis with NORTH KOREA hanging over everything, so maybe PEDS are the least of everyone's worries... YANKEES owner: We need a new manager. GM BRIAN CASHMAN: I've got just the guy. Owner: Who? Where can I see some of his work? Cashman: Do you watch SUNDAY NIGHT BASEBALL? He made a funny joke and gets along well with JESSICA MENDOZA... What do you get the rich and famous who have everything? A building, if you're NIKE. Fun story by the WALL STREET JOURNAL's SARA GERMANO. "For champion athletes, there are few prizes as distinct as the placement of their name on the facade of a mid-rise corporate office in suburban Portland"... Listen to STEELERS safety MIKE MITCHELL. Does he sound angry? Exasperated? At a loss for words to understand how the NFL handles physicality and safety? All of the above? He's not alone... Who says TWITTER can't help dreams come true... I can't believe he made the save either... ODELL BECKHAM's IMOVIE skills as good as his hands.

Mike Vorkunov, curator

December 7, 2017