rant n' rave

I owe a lot to THE STRETCH ARMSTRONG AND BOBBITO SHOW on WKCR-FM (89.9 FM) in NYC. It shaped my love of Hip-Hop culture. I lived for it. My friend TIMIR KARIA turned me on to it and I never looked back. First place I heard WU-TANG CLAN's "Protect Ya Neck". My jaw dropped. That's when you had to wait for a song. Somehow it tasted better. I'm psyched to watch STRETCH AND BOBBITO: RADIO THAT CHANGED LIVES... Welcome back to our pal BILL SIMMONS... MTV was THE place to tell people what was cool. Trend magnifiers. The big miss? Being the platform where audience tells each other what's cool. Can they still achieve that in addition to hit programming? Like a good comeback... Go see it now. REDEF MediaSET: An In-Depth Look and Prep for 'The Martian'... I discuss heart surgery, media, cable, Apple, Viacom, HBO, Disney, Fox, CBS and more on ERIC JACKSON's podcast... Happy Birthday to GUY OSEARY, SAM SCHWARTZ and SARAH JEON...

Jason Hirschhorn, curator