rant n' rave

I talked a lot at dinner. I'm out of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Feel bad for those that endured that. I so exhausted myself by this, VIDCON and watching BREXIT returns that I'm a little late today... The chasm between power and the people. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and eventually that results in revolution. 72% voting turnout. Huge. I was wrong. Does something like BREXIT stave off fascism or does it accelerate it? People have legitimate grievances often hijacked by extremists. I'm depressed about the state of the world. From SYRIA to GERMANY to BREXIT. 1,000 years of national rivalries too hard to get over? Who's next? Here come the nutters. Another brick in the wall. And the effects on media and tech... In lighter news, I spent a wonderful day in another universe called VIDCON. A world I know very little about: YOUTUBE talent. Hung with GREG CLAYMAN learning. His daughter ALLIE (she wants to meet LD SHADOWLADY if you have a connect) and my niece LILY were in heaven. They got to meet and spend time with LILLY SIGNH, GRACE HELBIG, SMOSH, LINDSEY STIRLING and others. Tens of thousands of kids there to share their love of the new establishment of talent and to learn how to publish, grow, build revenue and entertain. Super positive environment and outlook from talent. Screaming like THE BEATLES at SHEA STADIUM. When you look at the decline in minutes on television with younger audiences, VIDCON will give you a clue. I walked the floor for hours and I didn' t see one senior television executive. Not one. I did see YouTube's ROBERT KYNCL grinning from ear to ear. YouTube should be proud. The talent-fan relationship marks the end of the middleman. Money isn't there yet, but it's happening! Thanks to PAULA KAPLAN, JUDY MCGRATH, SEAN ATKINS, DAN WEINSTEIN, SARAH WEICHEL, JORDAN TURKEWITZ, KEITH RICHMAN and BARRY BLUMBERG for making Greg and I look cool... Why is no one examining PHILIPPE DAUMAN for staying? I'd love to read his psychiatrist's report... Congrats to my friend and my goddaughter's Mommy, ANNA MASON on joining STEVE CASE at REVOLUTION as director of RISE OF THE REST INVESTMENTS... Happy Birthday to ALEX MAGHEN, JOHN NOGAWSKI, ANDREW MARCUS.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator