rant n' rave

I'm getting hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments 4 times this week. Trying whatever I can do to heal my chest post heart surgery. I'll save you the graphic nature of what's going on but it's slasher movie stuff. The immediate upside? I'm relaxed in the chamber and I watch NETFLIX the entire time on a ROKU. FORKS OVER KNIVES was truly educational for healthy living ideas. PEAKY BLINDERS (how did I miss this one?) is right up my alley. Gangsters in BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND after WWI. Episode 1 was a great setup. In a time of ups and downs and disappointments, NETFLIX Is my friend. It never lets me down... Retail therapy: I've bought 12 pairs of ADIDAS in the last week. Loads of J. CREW. All sent back home to NYC. It's a sickness, but when you feel like a prisoner, shopping triggers something in the brain to release the good stuff... I don't care if you're sitting on a runway for 2 hours or healing from a major surgery. What makes people rage and doubt? No communication and information. Saying just "be patient and wait" just doesn't work for me. I need a plan and milestones. Beginning to think most doctors don't like smart and inquisitive patients. Ask questions. Demand answers or explanations... How to sneak chocolate into an American cinema... Today I'm going down the block to THE WRAP's THE GRILL event. I open with SHARON WAXMAN discussing the state of media and later I sit with ROBERT KYNCL to discuss the growth and challenges at YOUTUBE. We will both be wearing sneakers... Happy Birthday to MO KOYFMAN

Jason Hirschhorn, curator