rant n' rave

I think EUGENE WEI is one of the smartest guys around. Sometimes I dream he runs product at REDEF, then I wake up... I upgraded to HULU without ads faster than I've ever run... Adding this to my workout regimen... For your weekend listening: Q-TIP again amazes with a mind-blowing 2-hour tribute mix to MICHAEL JACKSON via his ABSTRACT RADIO show on BEATS 1... A millennial employee who whines is an excruciating sound. Like blackboard scratching... The most important thing in startups to me are closers. People who talk less, get stuff done and advance the ball. They don't use nonsense questions as excuses to move forward. They plan for their shortcomings. They are consistent and deliver. They don't need to have the same talks and reminders constantly. They improve. They are not perfect but they strive for new problems not repetition of old ones. They are self-aware... R.I.P. DEAN JONES... FX's JOHN LANDGRAF is right. There is too much television. I now admit overwhelming anxiety at my queue... Happy Birthday to pal and general media awesomeness BRIAN STELTER.... Stitches out. Chest wound going to take some more time. I can start driving next week. Feeling much better, but very tired. Getting back to normal sleep patterns is a must. Alone in the middle of the night is a lonely place. NETFLIX helps. Still only getting about 3 straight hours but progress. Off to laugh with a friend this weekend... GRATITUDE OF THE DAY. My dear friend NADA STIRRATT sent me some really dense books to read. From the titles they seem like self-help/life awareness tomes. Oh, and at first glance there are no pictures or cool foldouts. They're heavier than the doctor allows me to pick up. They're "real" books. As if KINDLE or iBOOKS didn't exist. But NADA is a smart and stylish "renaissance" woman. She likes the physical while working in the digital. These look better on a coffee table. I'm very grateful and appreciative. I love her. I can't wait until my time machine comes so I can read them in the past. :- )

Jason Hirschhorn, curator