rant n' rave

I'm not on the side of DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS. I'm not for HILLARY. I am against TRUMP for POTUS... I completely reject any notion that TRUMP cares about anybody. This is not about us. It's about him and the trophy. You can thank ROGER and MITCH and NEWT and FOX NEWS... It's like I just jumped into a bath of diarrhea and vomit... Where were you when America ended? I was on the couch with a lump in my throat... Oh, great! Crime and violence are over. Done. Fantastic. That's a first. Is BATMAN coming? Using those he cares nothing about to con us... He wins, we had our century... I don't want gold lamé in the WHITE HOUSE... Get ready to be made afraid when many of these ills will never befall you. If you think all politicians are liars. He takes the cake. He's a politician now. Everything is broken. Everything sucks. He's going to fix it all. To listen to him, he hates AMERICA. Just darkness. Small minded criticisms... He is more unfit than I could imagine... I spent a wonderful day in our nation's capital with my goddaughter. But last night was a dark ending to that day for me. I wished an asteroid hit a satellite.... Look what we may have to suffer through because he didn't get picked for kickball when he was little. If you've got anger born of hate. If you want to serve office to serve yourself. I'm not interested. I don't buy snake oil and pandering. We're post-truth now. Are we post-sense?... I don't believe what he says. He's not remotely informed. No details. This is what I think. Or maybe I'm just a hypocrite. Can't seem to reconcile the freedom to hate. It just sounds like me saying be free to do what I agree with... Now onto someone more deserving. Remembering GARRY MARSHALL. Reflections on the comedy, the feminism and the heart of the legendary creator of HAPPY DAYS and director of PRETTY WOMAN and THE PRINCESS DIARIES... Happy Birthday to ASHLEY LENT LEVINSON, SCOTT DONATON, DOUGLAS SCOTT and DAVID NATHANSON.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator