rant n' rave

BONO once said: "AMERICA is an idea, isn't it?" Important to remember at crazy times like these. I thought of it when I saw this anti-MUSLIM video. It infuriated me. Sickening. So far away from the idea of America. We need to watch what we become. Closer to what we don't want to be than we think. Turning away from the idea that makes America unique can happen fast... What did I notice over the holiday? Devices vs. Kids. 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. It's ironic that I want to turn the kids off while they play video games. They don't shut up. Like BRENT MUSBURGER on speed. Or, while they watch videos of other people playing video games. The commentators drive me insane. As my friend ERIN MCPHERSON put it, SPORTSCENTER for kids. Do not ignore the coming popularity of Esports if the watching trend is any indication of the next generation. It may not be for me, but I notice it... Still ignoring YOUTUBE dominance with kids? Here come TUBE HEROES... Remember the G-FORCE scene in JAMES BOND film MOONRAKER? I wanted to understand it more... Building and managing folders on iOS is more frustrating than your dominos falling before you're done. I love APPLE but they need to build an easy to manage interface. Lots of apps now. Dragging across 7 screens isn't good... File under I sweat the small stuff: Absolutely drives me f***ing crazy when someone runs in the wrong direction on the track. Even worse? Sometimes they run backwards in front of me. I'm listening to the HOWARD STERN interview archives on SIRIUSXM app (speaking of archive interfaces that need work) and now I need to look at you running backwards?... Cable news networks (and most subpar media) are the floaties of outrageous political candidates... When did water JETPACKS happen?

Jason Hirschhorn, curator