You can still pay your way onto this thing. (Joe Haupt/Flickr)
You can still pay your way onto this thing. (Joe Haupt/Flickr)
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Matty Karas, curator January 18, 2017
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'Rain drops, drop tops' is the gateway to that song and whether they knew it or not, it's motherf***ing brilliant because it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SONG AND MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER but holy s***. You've heard no shortage of people you know and respect say 'rain drops, drop tops' in the past few weeks sending you to the breaking point where you have to google it and then life.changes.
rant n' rave

Splitting-hairs department, part 1: If you sell your £95 ROBBIE WILLIAMS ticket for £160 on a ticket resale site, you are the enemy. You are hurting the artist, you are hurting other fans and, for all anyone knows, you are hurting yourself. If, however, you work for Robbie Williams' management agency and you sell pretty much the same ticket for the same markup at the same site, you are the proud, upstanding, responsible seller of a "platinum ticket." You are now helping the artist while also helping the artist's fans. The BBC's CHI CHI IZUNDU has the rest of the details of this curious, yet not surprising, adventure in self-justification. (Pro tip for STUBHUB: Consider changing your name to PLATINUMHUB)... Splitting-hairs department, part 2: While it has long been illegal to pay a DJ under the table to play a particular record, it has never been illegal to pay a DJ's employer over the table to play it. [Question for fact-checking desk: Do radio DJs still exist?] As with the common argument that the best way to combat ticket resellers is to charge more for tickets in the first place, the practical result of payola laws appears to be not to change the price of the transaction but simply to re-direct the proceeds. In her survey of the current state of the art of paid radio promotion, NPR's ALLYSON MCCABE demonstrates how artists like LUKAS GRAHAM can reap tangible benefits from ad spots that air as many as 110,000 times across the US in a two-week period. She also demonstrates how advertisers like PEPSI can kid themselves into thinking "we're not advertising anything" when they pay for these spots, which they swear are *not* advertising under the guise of entertainment. Either way, as the NPR headline neatly sums it up, "Cash For Hits Remains A Constant"... Payola story that still needs to be written: How this works in the streaming playlist industry... TIDAL's new "track edit" feature lets you change the length and tempo of any song in the app... APPLE is expected to raise the prices of music in the UK version of ITUNES because of BREXIT. The company has already announced 25 percent price hikes on its App Store... This YOUNG THUG video... Raindrops keep drop-topping on the pop charts, and we continue our series spotlighting #1 hits with our REDEF MusicSET SINGLE-MINDED: MIGOS, 'BAD AND BOUJEE'... These pop stars have never had a #1 hit... RIP MO CHAUDRY and GREG TROOPER.

Matty Karas, curator

January 18, 2017