Steph Curry is winking at you, San Francisco. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Steph Curry is winking at you, San Francisco. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Warriors Come Out of East Bay, NCAA Missing in Action, Beast Mode, NBA's Multiculturalism...
Mike Vorkunov, curator January 18, 2017
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I had the chance to do one of two things: retire and fade away into nothingness, or to reinvent myself in a still-to-be-determined way. I wasn't angry at pro wrestling.
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The GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS broke ground on their future arena and it's a grand step for the organization. Just as their popularity is cresting, they're planning to move to SAN FRANCISCO. The stadium will be privately funded. Avoiding public financing should be commended and respected but it will come with a cost: Ticket prices have risen and will continue to. Fans will be priced out, this season and in the future. But it will be interesting to see how the Warriors manage the move without losing a portion of their fans. Already, there is unhappiness that the team is leaving OAKLAND. Is it even possible for a team to max out their revenue without making the franchise inaccessible for the fans who can't afford the product anymore?... This is why the NCAA receives so much criticism. It couldn't have prevented three OREGON football players from ending up in the hospital after strength and conditioning workouts, but the organization isn't looking into it and no one expects it to. The biggest criticism of the NCAA has always been that it only protects players from getting paid or from their full set of rights, not from the exploitation of college sports. If Oregon had paid these players for their workouts as a bonus, the NCAA would be on it. But where is any notice of investigation into this – something far more critical to the players’ safety but not to the schools' pocketbooks. The NCAA has long been obsolete and this serves as a reminder… NFL Pro Bowler JOE THOMAS is angry about it too… WILLIE MCCOVEY was pardoned by PRESIDENT OBAMA too… Do you trust RYAN KALIL and BLAKE GRIFFIN to remake WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP?... CHELSEA coach ANTONIO CONTE said he'd “kill” a player if he didn’t give full effort. He was joking – probably… Is ROGER GOODELL scared of going to NEW ENGLAND?... We're gonna miss VINE... Live your life like you are MARSHAWN LYNCH.

Mike Vorkunov, curator

January 18, 2017