rant n' rave

I don't know how to update the award show format. But I love Kanye West. As punk as punk gets. Gets angrier as he gets older. He upsets many, I just think he's like a downed power line thrashing on the street in awesome fashion with ideas and art. I'm sure many disagree, but I don't... How minutes of coverage is TRUMP getting vs. other candidates?... Hoping the new APPLE TV has one and done cable authentication... Do you need this travel jacket? Recovery: Got up to 1 mile walk today 2 weeks after bypass. I'll take it. Sleep still tough. Emotions starting to seep through... REDEF investor MARK SUSTER on digital encroachment... 360° Virtual Tour of TALIESIN, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’s Personal Home & Studio... And again, RAY DONOVAN just reaching new heights each week... Happy Birthday to ANDY SCHUON... The two people I wish read REDEF (not sure if they do or not): HOWARD STERN and KANYE WEST... In the age of tl;dr, REDEF is about understanding more. If you just want to glance to feign knowledge this ain't for ya.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator