rant n' rave

I’m a big AZIZ ANSARI fan. From his stand-up to PARKS AND RECREATION and more. His NETFLIX show MASTER OF NONE is very special. It’s quirky and funny with a tremendous heart. Some of the funnier and yet serious moments center around the awkward indignities he deals with being a minority in the entertainment industry. There’s always social commentary in the best comedies. The most intimate moments come from the appreciation and pride (and sometimes hilarious frustration) he has for his parents, Muslim immigrants that came to America and succeeded in building a life for themselves and their son. But in America, especially in this time of turmoil, not even a celebrity like Aziz is safe from hate. He’s published a very moving piece in THE NEW YORK TIMES about how scared he is for his family in the time of TRUMP and the politics of fear. It’s a must read. It’s a sad look at what someone that harms no one, brings joy to people and just wants his family to be happy has to think about and endure for just being a peaceful, non-religious Muslim. It’s a great read for anyone human. It’s a must read for anyone inhuman. And while I wrote this I had to listen to a guy siting next to me in a cafe spew this kind of hate in front of his kids with the excusatory "I have Muslim friends" B.S. I'm shaking from not smacking him... Thinking about BREXIT: Now I remember why we left. When politicians are out of touch with the people, the people are often out of touch with good solutions. How many revolutions have had a plan for the day after? You think there will be a lend-lease when this goes into the crapper? PUTIN crushed it yesterday and the British lose the right to claim that Americans are dumber. All this reminded me of the late, great CHRISTOPHER REEVES' dinner speech in REMAINS OF THE DAY. Not a perfect match but pretty good. Big step backwards?... I'd like to see Jay Z do his "WHAT'S GOING ON?" album. Clever lyrics against social backdrop... As ROME burns DAUMAN dances in CANNES. At least it's to GWEN STEFANI. She rocks... 1975's JAWS ushered in the modern era of HOLLYWOOD blockbusters and summer moviegoing has never been the same. Here are insider stories of some of the biggest box-office hits of them all. Our new MediaREDEF SET: End of the World as We Know It: Blockbuster Film Oral Histories... Taking a victory lap on my "Uncle Of The Week" award. My niece Lily and her new friend ALLIE made LILLY SINGH's vlog... Happy Birthday to DESIREE GRUBER, FERNANDA NIVEN, ERIKA MARSH, RAY DOLBER and RODERICK ALEMANIA.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator