rant n' rave

Hello from MALIBU, CA. The waves say hi! TGIF... Words cannot describe how much I love this. FOO FIGHTERS fans make me think humanity has a chance... "Anonymous sources" are pretty easy to figure out in the tech blog world... You want to learn or you want to know enough to talk? Go deep... Check out AWESOMENESSTV with a 3m45s music video for OLD NAVY. #UNLIMITED - with one tracking shot, no edits. Pretty sick... the guide to Chinese sandwiches... If you're not trying REDEF.com beta you're missing out. All out interest remixes in one place. ORIGINALS - Deep dives and Q&A's. SETS - Curated collections of content by topic. CHARTS - popular, authors, sources. Join to see what your friends are into, manage yours newsletter subscriptions and download iOS beta app...

Jason Hirschhorn, curator