rant n' rave

Post surgery I'm going through a ton of emotions. I may move at 1 mph but my head is spinning at 10,000 mph. Ups to downs. Par. But I want to do it all better. Makes me think of this video which I've featured many times over the years. Important enough to continue to again and again. Kindness and gentleness aren't hard... Big day today, hoping for stitches out around midday and if all good, off to the calming waves of MALIBU which may have a positive impact on my sleep problems... 2 years ago I asked for this functionality. AMAZON delivers. Waiting on NETFLIX. I understand why they haven't. Yes, it's an issue of rights and a bet on the race to wi-fi everywhere. But if this is available on any video service I get, you have more time with me. It's a wonderful thing for commuters... Lots of talk about MTV VMA ratings edging down a bit since last year. Hey, 10 million viewers today isn't chopped liver. The bigger story is the problem with TV ratings. The show dominated on social networks like TWITTER. It dominated print and TV news. SMS, SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM all likely the same. It reminds me of when GOSSIP GIRL was a cultural phenomenon and yet the ratings just didn't add up. Yes, the entire awards show format is old and tired and needs reinvention but TV ratings alone no longer give a picture of impact and value. We need another way... Does anyone know if TAYLOR SWIFT ever actually sat down with the people at SPOTIFY?... GRATITUDE OF THE DAY: One of my best friends NICK LEHMAN came out to LA for the day just to hang with me. We met at MTV NETWORKS where we partnered running digital media globally. One of my closets pals ever since. He's one of the smartest guys around. A rare breed of creative and business. More importantly, he's a great friend with impeccable taste and an unhealthy obsession with picking just the right hotel room. He's thinking about his next gig, very few like him around. Run don't walk... MARC ANDREESSEN is a smart dude. Known for many talents from investing to tweetstorms. The one I admire most? Awesome taste in television. Then and now... Are you really curious? I highly recommend you check out I'm a good curator but the peeps that do music, fashion and sports are great. Join and subscribe to updates in settings... Happy Birthday to pals SHIVA RAJARAMAN, ED LICHTY and CHAD GUTSTEIN

Jason Hirschhorn, curator