rant n' rave

Video services have become "love brands." Just look at the fandom of NETFLIX and HULU. It's no secret that most MVPDs aren't good at product and they have a massive NIH problem. Trust me, I worked for one. Often the experiences are as elegant as a dark jean shirt with wooden buttons. While the world is currently ruled by tech platforms, cable companies take very few cues from them. I'd like to see partner and developer days where they treat their product like a platform and embrace suggestion from clients (content companies) and open up APIs for developers to build on top of these often archaic or poorly designed products. Oh, and let's see more acquisitions. Just a thought... SHOWTIME has three of the most f***ed up families on TV. THE GALLAGHERS of SHAMELESS and THE DONOVANS & THE FINNEYS of RAY DONOVAN. Speaking of Donovan, the show is getting better and better with awesome layers and as many great characters as any show on any network. Loving KATIE HOLMES... OK, TRUE DETECTIVE haters! I defy you to say that episode wasn't on fire. My problem with last year's great season was the too quick and neat wrap-up. Hope we get some better ending for staying with the slow roll... Meet the community behind the killer site, FANCY. Founder and CEO JOSEPH EINHORN shares the story and vision behind the mobile discovery shopping app. Special guests and audience Q&A moderated by J.B. SMOOVE (Leon from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM). Wednesday, August 5th at 8PM @ APPLE STORE SOHO NY. Free of charge. No RSVP required.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator