rant n' rave

My new profession? I'm the general contractor of my heart surgery recovery navigating a phalanx of doctors and organizations that don't agree or communicate. And here I thought I was going to be taken care of and pay hundreds of thousands for that. Stupid me. I should be healing, not stressing... Good guy wins: ADAM BAIN named TWITTER COO. May he bring order to the genius... I love SNL. I can't imagine TV without it. With politics and world events being what they are, it was a tough summer to wait through. Bucket list item: Meet LORNE MICHAELS to say thank you. But aside, this is so spot on - MILLENNIALS... VIACOM in NYT and WSJ... I was at THE WRAP's THE GRILL 2015 for my first real schmooze since surgery. Good to see many friends. Lots of good discussions. Me with SHARON WAXMAN on the state of media. With ROBERY KYNCL on YOUTUBE. With VAN TOFFLER on leaving MTV and his new venture... Happy Birthday JESSICA SCHELL and JASON WEISBERG

Jason Hirschhorn, curator