rant n' rave

The TRUMP campaign success and the VIACOM saga. Two things that prove I know nothing. Apparently many Americans don't think bonafides are necessary to be President, so why would anyone need them to run a media company?... CHARTER COMMUNICATION released a new ad related to the recent merger. In a world where HULU, NETFLIX and AMAZON are making video exciting this ad could make a speed freak fall asleep. In my sick mind I imagine someone that looks like former Secretary of Defense ROBERT MCNAMARA conceived this. Sorry for the stereotype, but... The debate over Trump's supposed net worth reminds me of what RUSSELL SIMMONS once said about fashion marketing and private company valuations... I don't know anything about election strategy. I do know that we're living in a world where long-form journalism is fighting for its life in newsrooms, people share without looking and FACEBOOK doesn't want you to have to watch the whole video. So, what does this mean? It means HILLARY CLINTON better figure out how to micro-communicate. She can talk all the sense in the world but many won't give up the time and her opponent will label and tear down anyone with reckless sound bites. And she has to stop with her appearing to be enthusiastic cadence... Sadly, the future of media is downloading to your head like NEO in THE MATRIX. No watching, reading or listening. No need to experience, just think you did... Some TV shows move too slowly. I loved this week's GAME OF THRONES but it was almost too much in one episode. My head hurts... The traditional television network business was straightforward: get carriage, grow eyeballs, and sell ads. Online will work very differently. Here, we explain the four models of video providers in the digital era... Set your DVR for CNN and FAREED ZAKARIA's special: WHY THEY HATE US. Super timely, well done and thought provoking... FUSION's 6-part series: DISTRICT OF CANNABIS... Happy Birthday to CHRIS MOORE, GREG MAFFEI, DOUG COHN, DAVID SAMUEL, DAVID FRENCH and ROB BARNETT.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator