rant n' rave

After watching just 4 episodes of season 1, PEAKY BLINDERS is the best show on NETFLIX. CILLIAN MURPHY is EMMY perfect. Gangsters, coppers, family, double crosses, politicians, cunning, strategy and ANNABELLE WALLIS.... Have you read STEVEN BRILL's 15-part epic on JOHNSON & JOHNSON? AMERICA'S MOST ADMIRED LAWBREAKER. Take a day off, dive in... Watched first 2 episodes of FARGO season 2 thanks to JOHN LANDGRAF and ROMA KHANNA. Homerun! Goal! Touchdown! 10! Dark, funny and weird. The cast they assembled is phenomenal. BOKEEM WOODBINE should finally become a star. Long overdue. No spoilers. Premieres October 12 on FX... As I mentioned, I'm recuperating from heart surgery at my sister's home in LA. I love being with my nieces and nephew. They keep my spirits up as recovery has gone sideways. That said, this is what I hear every morning at 6am without fail... Prevent computer vision syndrome... Patient care in the U.S. is basically out the window. The doctor-patient relationship almost nonexistent. We're just records in their computer systems. The hospital business will be disrupted within 10 years. Calling all entrepreneurs with empathy to f*** them up.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator