rant n' rave

The reason I take VITAMIN D every day? Not enough sun due to "television." Now watching: advance screeners of BILLIONS (courtesy of SHOWTIME's DAVID NEVINS. I love this one), LISTEN TO ME MARLON, FARGO, 60 MINUTES, PUBLIC MORALS (from ED BURNS and starring my old friend WASS), JESSICA JONES, THE LEFTOVERS, THE WALKING DEAD, MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, QUANTICO, LONGMIRE, HOMELAND, RECTIFY, ANTHONY BOURDAIN: PARTS UNKNOWN and everything else backed up on my DVR and streaming queue... I hint before I confront. Not working so well... Painkillers are causing vivid dreams. Of course, the tried and true old one where I haven't graduated high school and can't find the room for finals. Then last night, got a part in the remake of GOODFELLAS and didn't know my lines. SCORSESE was pissed. Ok, budding FREUDs, have at it... I root for underdogs. I love an unfair fight... Who do you depend on?... You know when you don't seem to be spending any money and yet costs seep out of your pores... Haven't wanted to go home more since my first year of camp. Feeling very far away today. Too far away to steer my own ship... Happy Birthday to BEN ELOWITZ, TIM SHEY and JARED COHEN.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator