rant n' rave

I sometimes worry that generations after mine have their face in screens so much they've forgotten how to pick up social and verbal cues. Actually, nothing to worry about. The race is over and I lost. 5 years ago I may have labeled them psychopaths. Now? Head of Product. That said, they could never be poker partners... Looking at the back 9 sucks... Me and my inbox... Those days when the robots don't even follow commands... If you put price shock aside. JAMES PERSE murders it... APPLE MUSIC on SONOS, finally. BEATS 1 and podcasts I hope... I need some linebackers and a quarterback. Or any playmakers... I totally slept on TAYLOR SWIFT's "Style." It's awesome. Perfect example of a song evoking a feel & time and succeeding (just like KATY PERRY's "Teenage Dream" did). Perfect for LA summertime at night. Or NYC winter at night. #80s... Had lunch with pal PETER RICE yesterday. I'd bet good money he would win or place high in a physical fitness battle of the network chiefs. Showed me 2 apps given my new health focus: ADIDAS MICOACH TRAIN & RUN and ATHOS. I may not be there yet but pretty cool stuff. It's a new world... Took a bath on a stock. Biggest loss I ever took. A right of passage reached by my own greed. If you're ahead, leave the table and sit in your room until the flight leaves. #liveandlearn.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator