rant n' rave

My brother in-law and I took my nephew to see MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION yesterday. Believe what you read. It's fun. A big popcorn movie set all over the world that delivers. Swedish actress REBECCA FERGUSON who I liked in THE WHITE QUEEN steals the movie. She plays the Badass agent. Talent, looks (the Swedes are good looking people) and the camera loves her... Props to AMC THEATERS for CENTURY CITY location with luxe seats that auto recline. Would be a 10 if the plexiglass wasn't in screen view. That's a bit of a design fail... What's a rockin' single 40+ year old guy to do on a beautiful late LA Saturday afternoon? Demoing massage chairs at RELAX THE BACK. I recommend the TECHTOUCH. Like a massage from a female weightlifter on steroids (imagined comparison). That's a compliment... I hope AT&T chokes and dies. Liars. We no longer live in an age of legal fine print (if that was even there). Transparency or die. Unlimited means unlimited at full speed. Weasels... I get a ton of value out of pay-TV. I don't loathe it. Just the interfaces, everywhere access and lack of platform strategy for developers... Yo, GMAIL! You're truncating our REDEF emails that are under 100k. Don't hate the curate. Help... About to dig into PEAKY BLINDERS... More perspectives in my ongoing struggles with "millennials" here and here...

Jason Hirschhorn, curator