rant n' rave

A look at HURRICANE KATRINA and its impact socially, economically, culturally, politically and more in REDEF MediaSET: REMEMBERING KATRINA AT 10... I think I want to rehab at THE WASSERMAN FOOTBALL CENTER. I know a guy... The greatest gift founders can give themselves are dependable staff. To go to bed knowing it's handled... GRATITUDE OF THE DAY: Heart surgery was a big deal but I wasn't awake. The physical and mental aftermath starts when you wake up. The nurses of the cardiac unit at CEDARS SINAI were like angels. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we seem to be in short supply of empathy these days. Not here. Kindness, empathy, professionalism and care. They made a very scary situation manageable. I cannot thank them enough. And funny enough, like college students or interns, they like free food. Yesterday I sent full lunch and dinner to them as a small hug thank you. Heart healthy of course from one of my favorites, SUNIN. Thank and appreciate your nurses... Some appear, some disappear #life... MTV VMAS air Sunday night. MILEY, TAYLOR, KANYE and more. It's the last one for a legend, former MTV President VAN TOFFLER, who left the channel earlier this year to start his own gig around future entertainment. One of the best guys around. He spent a lot of time with me before and since my surgery. Making me laugh, watching movies and proving that you can still be a juvenile delinquent after 50. Can't forget my mentor and guardian angel former MTV NETWORKS CEO JUDY MCGRATH who flew out special just to sit with me for a few hours at the hospital. When we worked there it was more than a job. These people are my family... TGIF.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator