rant n' rave

Anyone know what revenue share organized crime takes?... I love AMAZON and don't think I've ever complained about them but I've noticed that PRIME delivery dates have been slipping. You decide to buy because of the date. Then it slips a day or two without warning and you end up getting something you wanted tomorrow in 4 days. Happened more than once. Anomaly or issue?... Doctor waiting rooms have become like tailgate parties to me... When sales people solicit your company having no f***ing idea what your company does and thus not helpful to your company at all... Is an IPAD PRO like an IPHONE for SHAQ? Anyway, loving mine - the ultimate video device... Sick of bad cops... Totally subscribing to LOOTCRATE... TERROR IN MUMBAI is a chilling documentary... Fools errand to get frustrated with someone about what they aren't capable of being or doing... California drought crisis... Subscribe to REDEF newsletters: music, fashion, sports and tech.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator