rant n' rave

I pretty much agree with my friend RAFAT ALI and the quote we've used today. The quest for scale and its effect on creativity, well, the result is very cynical. As if new ideas won't be embraced. But new ideas don't always have data behind them that can be modeled and thus we get repetitious dreck made for traffic that rarely challenges. It used to be the established players but now many media entrepreneurs follow the same lame playbook. Scale but no true creative north. Have a voice. Challenge your audience, they will love you for it. That's what REDEF does... TV EVERYWHERE: No one really knows their cable account login. No one really has their bill handy with their 10-20 digit account number. Anyone that does know it doesn't want to have to authenticate every single channel on APPLE TV, ROKU, AMAZON FIRE TV or whatever device they have. It's honestly embarrassing. Those responsible should be brought up on entertainment crimes. Should be a one time login and every other channel you have paid access to should just work. That's one annoyance. The other? Where are all the channels. If you don't have an app on iOS and ANDROID already or on the growing number of alternative boxes what exactly is your channel doing? Just make HULU an authenticated partner and call it a day... Our pal @KATIECOURIC continues build a pretty great library of interviews at YAHOO NEWS... Opinion: Consultant working at very fair fixed price doesn't deliver on time. Don't ask for more money. Make good. Keep your word. #maturity... Was with my nieces, nephew and all their cousins last night. When they found out I have friends at MAKER STUDIOS and AWESOMENESSTV and other YOUTUBE channels I was interrogated for an hour with demands of introductions to something called SHAYTARDS and auditions. World is changing. There's a new celebrity establishment filled with names I'm just learning. The comfortable are going to get wiped out... DAVE GROHL says yes... Q-TIP continues to own Friday nights with ABSTRACT RADIO. The July 31st 2015 set on BEATS 1 Radio at APPLE MUSIC. My man opens with T LA ROCK. I mean...

Jason Hirschhorn, curator