rant n' rave

The campaign and election are scripted reality shows. Just to be clear, that ain't good... I'm dealing with millennial shock. I don't understand a subspecies of their group. These people. Working with them is my kryptonite... OSCAR DE LA HOYA reviews 'SOUTHPAW'... I absolutely love the idea of and prospects for STAGEIT. A few years old. Artist perform live for a limited audience. It's live, no archive. The memory is better than a taping. It's interactive. And artists can monetize their shows by setting their price and number of "seats" so to speak. Provides artists with live performance income. Great idea. Could be something significant for artists of all levels at a time of music industry upheaval. An artist could play for say 30 minutes for $5/person for 1000 fans and make more than 50 million streams on online radio would pay. Hung out with Founder & CEO EVAN LOWENSTEIN last night. His vision is simple and impressive. Just needs a tipping point and some P.T. BARNUMing. Can go well beyond music artists. Learning more, but dig it... Happy Birthday to my dear friend LARRY AIDEM, still making it happen. See 75 years old can look good.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator