rant n' rave

Randoms as I'm sleep deprived: NETFLIX's desktop interface is beautiful... BONO spotlighting good in RWANDA... My old friend JOSH FELSER sent me some stuff from MELT to jumpstart well-being... Starting to see a lot of friends arrive at BURNING MAN. Eyeliner heavy... Thanks to pal BERTIS DOWNS for sending me some R.E.M. goodies to pass the days... Loving WAGNER MOURA in NARCOS. I was wrong, there are stars. He's huge in BRAZIL. Remember ELITE SQUAD?... Thank you to TIME WARNER CABLE's PETER STERN and their field team for helping get my broadband issues fixed in LA while I'm homebound for a bit. Got this military looking bad boy to optimize my 300Mbps plan.... THE WOLF OF BEANIE BABIES... Happy Birthday to pals JASON SHELLEN, JAMIE TISCH, JORDAN LEVIN, GARY GINSBURG and BETH COMSTOCK... GRATITUDE OF THE DAY: MADELINE LERMAN, RN, BSN - Patient Relations Representative at CEDAR SINAI who help shepherd me through the maze and answered all my questions...

Jason Hirschhorn, curator