rant n' rave

I'm a big fan of podcasts. They calm, educate, inform and entertain. One I absolutely love is HERE'S THE THING WITH ALEC BALDWIN. I think my friend BOB LEFSETZ turned me on to it years back. And "here's the thing": when you're an actor or a musician (or something of that ilk) the public and media can pigeonhole you as being that thing as if you have no other interests or capabilities. Clearly, he's a fantastic actor. Film, TV and stage. Comedy or drama. He's a star but also one of the finest "character actors." My fav recent roles have been 30 ROCK (genius) and as himself in the HBO mock doc SEDUCED AND ABANDONED (must see for anyone interested in the film business and created by one of my father's oldest friends JIMMY TOBACK. He and it are both nutty in a wonderful way). But why do I really love Baldwin for the last few years? His podcast. He's a really smart guy but that's not enough as we say. He's super curious. He's got the ultimate voice. Unique cadence. All-star annunciator. He's a student, fan and expert on the history of Hollywood. He loves stories. He loves to ask questions. And frankly, it really doesn't matter who's on the show. I trust that if he's doing it, it's going to be interesting. The range of guests have been fantastic. THOM YORKE to CHRIS ROCK to DAVID SIMON to JUDD APATOW to DWIGHT GOODEN to DAVID LETTERMAN to LENA DUNHAM to DEBBIE REYNOLDS to JERRY SEINFELD to LORNE MICHAELS to DAVID REMNICK to SARAH JESSICA PARKER to BILLY JOEL and on and on. I don't care about gossip or supposed TWITTER freak outs or paparazzi battles. All meaningless. Interested in him or his guests? Doesn't matter. Trust me, these are fantastic interviews. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that he's one of the best interviewers today. I love it. I've never been disappointed. I wish they could be downloaded to my brain so I had more time for others I love like BILL SIMMONS, BRET EASTON ELLIS, WTF with MARC MARON, the stuff from GIMLET and my recent binge project THE CHAMPS. I'll be taking up some religion to get close to god so I can request more hours in the day and days in the week so I can consume media.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator