Model backstage at Yoshio Kubo / Moto Guo / Consistence show during Milan Men's Fashion Week. (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
Model backstage at Yoshio Kubo / Moto Guo / Consistence show during Milan Men's Fashion Week. (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
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HK Mindy Meissen, curator January 18, 2017
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MILAN MEN’S FASHION WEEK was dominated by an appeal to normalcy—and the occasional odd comfort—amidst global distress. Key shows were PRADA, DAMIR DOMA, MALIBU 1992, MARNI, and YOSHIO KUBO / MOTO GUO / CONSTISTENCE. That triplet presentation was a joint show organized by the ITALIAN FASHION CHAMBER, and there's a great photo of GIORGIO ARMANI hanging out backstage with the models. Loved the shimmering shades of deep blue at the Armani show. Filmic references and celluloid cinema have been such a profound influence on Armani's work, and it's somehow calming to see that resurface this season. The Milan shows overlap these BERLIN trade shows and the release of a large number of pre-fall collections. THE ROW also released official SPRING 2017 photos from its runway presentation four months ago. The photos were held at the request of the label until now. The temporal overlap of all these shows is daunting, but regardless it’s feeding the feed… In more runway news, VERSACE is saying no to couture shows, and will instead organize a series of "major client events" in cities around the world. Is this the new couture?… NEIMAN MARCUS is partnering with THEATRO to introduce voice-controlled wearables for its store employees at select LAST CALL locations. Anything that enables store operations to run more efficiently is sorely necessary at this point. I would like for department stores to give their sales associates access to better knowledge about product and company operations. Often I've found that customers walk in and, because they have the internet, know more about the products than the store employees. I'm imagining a slick knowledge base that includes all runway looks, company heritage, design notes for recent seasons, etc. Could be fun. There's an avalanche of conventional wisdom about the importance of brand storytelling. That's cut short quickly when store employees aren't given access to the right info… THERESA MAY will be on the cover of American VOGUE… Are SUPREME and the MTA collaborating? All for it if true.

HK Mindy Meissen, curator

January 18, 2017